Hi Andreas

Thanks for the answer.

From the GitHub repo, I get the message

You may have downloaded a zip or tar file from Github.
Those do not work, and I am unable to prevent Github from showing
them. Delete that file, and get an actual release file from the
Python package index:

So I do not know how to get the "current master » (pip install downloads 2019.1.1).

However I picked the array.py file (changed 15 hours ago) and replaced the one in my PyOpenCL directory.

I still have the issue…


Le 21 oct. 2019 à 17:45, Andreas Kloeckner <lists@informa.tiker.net> a écrit :

Hi Yves,

Yves Surrel <yves@surrel.org> writes:
I have been using PyOpenCL for two years now, and I am familiar to using it.
However, I do not understand why the following code is blocking at the last line…

The doc states that is_blocking  is « available on any copy involving host memory"…

Any clue will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your note! This reminded me of work that Zach (cc'd) did a
while ago that was long due for merging:


I've now merged this.

The problem looks quite related, could you check whether current master
resolves your issue? If so, I'd release a new PyOpenCL soon.

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