Thanks. On Deb 7, after GCC 493, LLVM 37, Clang 37, I managed to build PoCL and PyOpenCL against it. However, when I import pyopencl in Python, I hit a link error, undefined symbol clLinkProgram.

I also noticed that the in pyopencl doesn't link PoCL statically. Are these related? Any advice here on build flags in

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 2:23 PM, Andreas Kloeckner <> wrote:
Marmaduke Woodman <> writes:
> Another current problem is that PoCL also does not appear to work on
> Windows, which is a platform I would like to see supported, but I suspect
> this is just a few tweaks here and there to get it running since LLVM &
> CMake work on Windows.
> Ideally, a single PyOpenCL package would always have a PoCL platform to
> work with, but it could take advantage of Intel, AMD, etc if present. I
> guess this would require some work on the loader itself.
> I'm looking at rewriting a current numerical project to PyOpenCL so I'm
> willing to invest some effort here. Can you point out those conda recipes
> you mentioned?