Hi all,

I spent a few hours (more than I would have liked) trying to compile PyOpenCL on OSX 10.11. I ran into an edge case where I had updated my gcc to 7.0 and the automatic compiler flags from the configure step are no longer meant meant for gcc/g++, specifically the "-stdlib=libstdc++" flag. I tried downgrading my gcc using brew and older versions of PyOpenCL but still ran into errors. Most of the guides I've seen online for using PyOpenCL require building from source but these instructions didn't work for me.

Eventually I had to find the default location for OSX's clang tool and set that as the compiler.

> CC=/usr/local/bin/clang pip install pyopencl

In hindsight, this was obvious but I would imagine other newbies would have a hard time figuring it out. It's also super simple in comparison to compiling from source.

PyOpenCL is great so far.


Jon Kelley